Next Media offers many opportunities for campaigs in their own media. Through our social network and property web site, we give advertisers the opportunity to reach target groups within:

- 12-65 Age range
- 53% Women
- 47% Men

Targeted Banner Ads

Rich Media Formats


Special PR Campaigns

For more information please refer to our marketing team here.


Next Media New Corporate Web Page Launched

Next Media Ltd. launched its updated website. Led by the idea to show the new corporate entity of the company we have changed the whole appearance of Nextmedia....

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BWA Family joined by Next Media

Next Media became full member of the Bulgarian Web Association (BWA). The mission of the association is to participate in the development of Web technology and ...

read more officially launched in the bulgarian web space

After nearly two years of development, Next Media officially launched its major project - national social network dedicated to different age groups so...

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